Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A mini Uber encounter

A couple of weeks back I stumbled across something quite interesting from a company called Westbourne Communications. It was a blog post detailing their advice to Uber in the "battle with Black Cab drivers" (this is their exact phrasing).

I thought this was quite interesting, in the sense of understanding the PR campaigns waged on behalf of corporate interests, so I pinged it round people a few people at work. I also tweeted a link to it here.

I went back to try and find the article today and mysteriously the article has gone, although the cached version is still available here. So presumably Westbourne, or Uber, are no longer happy to have their strategy for undermining cabbies in the public domain.

Interestingly though I just spotted that Zelo Street has also blogged about the doc (it looks the same from the pic). So it may still be circulating out there.


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