Monday, 1 February 2016

Infrastructure investors need to respect workers too

A demonstration has been held outside the Frankfurt office of Macquarie today to protest its failure to resolve ongoing problems at DCT Gdansk (blogged about previously here), where it is the majority owner. Pic of the demo and press statement below....

ITF/ETF dockers call on Macquarie to secure dignity for Gdansk workers 

Dockworkers will hold protests in locations across Europe over the next ten days to demonstrate their objection to the poor treatment of workers in the Port of Gdansk, Poland.
Members of ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation)- /ETF (European Transport Workers’ Federation)- affiliated union Solidarnosc who work at Deepwater Container Terminal (DCT) Gdansk, have faced constant obstruction from their employer over the past two and half years as they have sought a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). In particular there is concern over the number of union leaders and activists who have had their contracts of employment terminated during this period.DCT Gdansk SA is registered in Poland but is majority owned and managed by Australian financial services and asset management company Macquarie, which has several representatives on the supervisory board. Macquarie’s shareholding in DCT Gdansk is held through its Global Infrastructure Fund II (GIF II).Three demonstrations will take place outside Macquarie offices with senior company representatives being called on to meet with ITF/ETF officials to discuss the role they could play in bringing about a resolution to the ongoing dispute.Vice chair of the ITF dockers’ section Torben Seebold said: “Solidarnosc members at DCT are seeking a decent CBA, reinstatement of their representatives and colleagues and improvements to pay and contracts of employment. Macquarie can help to make that happen."

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