Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Another Fidelity-Conservative Party link?

Looking at the Electoral Commission register of party political donations I can see that there are a number made by someone called Simon M Haslam. This name also turns up in the register of interests for the current Secretary of State for Transport. If you Google the name Simon M Haslam and look at the Bloomberg profile it turns up you will find someone of this name is chair of Colt Group, and a board director of Fidelity. And if you look at the Q1 2015 list of people attending a meeting of Tory donors outfit the Leaders Group you will find Simon Haslam representing Fidelity (or FIL Holdings as it appears in the list). Pretty likely it's the same person, eh?

If you don't want to use an asset manager that has numerous links to and is a major donor to the Conservative Party then don't employ Fidelity.

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John Gray said...

Great stuff Tom. Will steal and post