Sunday, 13 September 2015

A few shadow BIS ideas

A few quick thoughts from my corner of the world (corp gov etc) -

Introduce requirement for profit-sharing and/or employee share-ownership, to ensure that wealth is divided more evenly in line with contribution before we get to the tax & benefits system.

Employee representation on boards to balance and complement the interests of shareholders. This would recognise the major role employees play in successful businesses, compared to providers of capital.

Revisit a public interest test for takeovers, in line with LFIG proposals.

Mandatory disclosure by financial intermediaries during beauty parade / tender process of any political donations made.

Mandatory disclosure of all fund management fees and transaction costs in standardised format.

Disclosure by companies of details of lobbyists employed and fees paid. Shareholder approval required in the case of PLCs.

Reduce threshold for filing shareholder resolutions to enable more asset owners to participate more easily.

Radical simplification of executive pay in line with High Pay Centre recommendations.

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