Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Was this the week...?

This is off-topic, but I thought I'd google some of my least favourite political cliches and find out how often they come up.

How about "was this the week"? This is usually followed by "x won/lost the next election". So here are a few hits -

Was this the week Miliband finally headed for No 10?

Was this the week Gordon Brown lost the election?

I put the prevalence of "was this the week" down to political commentators desire to be seen to highlight the real turning points, even before their consequences have fully played out. So these are a bit like those "what level will the FTSE100 be at next year" bits in the personal finance pages.

What I really cannot excuse, however, is "champagne corks popping". And they seem to pop an awful lot - 

What I really don't like about this one is the idea that trigger-happy politicos are just waiting pop the corks off champagne over minor political advantages. But maybe that is just what Tories are actually like...

Finally, some people are still willing to use "speech of his/her political life". Please stop. Now. 

I'm just waiting to be able to say that this was the week that X won the election after giving the speech of their political life that left champagne corks popping in Number 10.

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