Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Bizarre Conservative Home piece

I confess I'm not someone who makes a living out of politics, so perhaps I'm missing some clever nuance or something. But isn't this piece on Conservative Home rather... errr.... stupid.

What they seem to have found is that the guy who featured in tonight's party political broadcast for Labour had previously been critical of Labour's policy on taxing booze. In 2010 he had been asked for a comment by his local paper and was critical.

So in 2010 he was critical of Labour policy. And in 2014 he's in a Labour Party political broadcast about our policy on banking reform.

Just to be clear: in 2010 he gave a critical comment about Labour policy to a local paper. And in 2014 he's willing to go on national TV in a broadcast supporting Labour.

As I say I'm sure there must be some devilishly clever point here, because to me it looks like Conservative Home have proven that a small business owner has moved from being negative towards Labour ahead of the last election, to being willing to be in political advert for them. And to me that looks like a good thing.

I mean, presumably it would be quite easy to find people who voted for Andy Sawford in 2012 who had voted for Louise Mensch in 2010. So following the logic of the bit I've linked to Conservative Home should run pieces saying "Labour's new Corby voters exposed as having previously voted for someone else." Imagine the shame and embarrassment of having won over previous Tory voters...

Again, I leave it to the experts at Conservative Home, but I would have thought it would be a little smarter to find people who were willing to be in TV slots for Labour in 2010 who are now critical of Labour? Not the other way around.

I guess they must know what they're doing?

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