Friday, 15 March 2013

BSkyB 2011/2012 AGM voting

Being the voting data geek that I am I've been trying to pull together all the voting data I can for last year;s BSkyB AGM, and specifically the vote on James Murdoch's re-election. Here's a comparison of how various asset managers voted on JM's election in 2011 and, where I can find a vote, 2012

Asset Manager     2011 vote    2012 vote
Aberdeen             Oppose       For
Aviva                   Oppose       Oppose
BlackRock           For            ?
Capital                 For*            ?
F&C                    Oppose       For
Fidelity                 For              ?
Goldmans            Abstain         ?
Hermes               Oppose         ?
JP Morgan          Oppose         ?
Jupiter                 Oppose         For
Kames                Oppose         For
L&G                   Oppose         For
M&G                  For               For
Martin Currie       Abstain         ?
Newton               Oppose         Oppose
Royal London      Oppose         For
Schroders            Oppose         ?
Standard Life       Oppose         For
State Street          Abstain         ?
SWIP                  For                For
UBS                    Oppose         For

* got this via US mutual fund disclosure

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