Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Voter support for employee directors

Just spotted this, excerpt below:
Trade union campaigners say there is now widespread public support for the idea of ‘worker directors’ in UK boardrooms, with even a sizeable majority of Conservative voters backing such a move.
A poll by Survation for the Unions21 think-tank found 76% of UK employees and 89% of trade union members are in favour of workforce representatives sitting on company boards of directors.
Labour voters were most strongly in favour, with 85% in support, followed by Liberal Democrat voters with 81% and Conservative voters with 70%.
More than half of all respondents (53%) said they would support 10% or 20% of seats on company boards being reserved by law for workforce representatives.
Only 7% of employees were opposed to legally reserving any seats for workforce representatives.
Campaigners say the figures reflect growing popular demands for greater corporate accountability in the wake of the banking crisis.

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