Friday, 18 January 2013

Bourdieu snippet

A bit more on language... 
[D]ominant individuals, the absence of being able to restore the silence of doxa, strive to produce, through a purely reactionary discourse, a substitute for everything that is threatened by the very existence of heretical discourse. Finding nothing for which to reproach the social world as it stands, they endeavour to impose universally, through a discourse permeated by the simplicity and transparency of common sense, the feeling of obviousness and necessity which this world imposes on them; having an interest in leaving things as they are, they attempt to undermine politics in a depoliticised political discourse, produced through a process of neutralisation or, even better, of negation, which seeks to restore the doxa to its original state of innocence and which, being oriented towards the naturalisation of the social order, always borrows the language of nature. 

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