Friday, 19 October 2012

More Q3 voting data

Legal & General also have a new quarter's worth of voting data up. Unlike M&G, they opposed the Darty remuneration report that got voted down, and voted against the new incentive scheme for Mike Ashley at Sports Direct, which also bit the dust.

They don't seem to have held AEA Technology, which also lost the vote on its rem report in September, which I find odd given that they're an index-tracker. Any ideas, fellow governance geeks?

Meanwhile I can still spot a few big asset managers who have no 2012 voting data available at all. I don't mean the usual non-disclosing ones, I mean managers who haven't updated. 


Alan Brett said...

AEA Technology is only in the Fledgling index, which is not as widely invested in as the SmallCap. Perhaps that explains it?

Tom Powdrill said...

yep, maybe. I dunno how wide their index funds go.