Thursday, 20 September 2012

BSkyB passes 'fit and proper' but...

The language used about James Murdoch is pretty damning:

a company director is required to exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence in the exercise of his functions47. He may delegate, but has a duty to supervise appropriately. We consider James Murdoch’s conduct, including his failure to initiate action on his own account on a number of occasions, to be both difficult to comprehend and ill-judged. In respect of the matters set out above, in our view, James Murdoch’s conduct in relation to events at NGN repeatedly fell short of the exercise of responsibility to be expected of him as CEO and chairman.
Ofcom makes the same point several times in the report, highlighting the fact that James Murdoch had several opportunities to investigate further and/or clear the mess up - the Taylor settlement, the first Guardian story, the first DCMS committee report.

He got a $5m bonus from News Corp this year.

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