Friday, 24 February 2012

Random, unrelated things

1. Official easyJet AGM stats are here. Won the pay vote, but failed to pass a notice for meetings resolution (only the second company where this has happened I think?).

There are a couple of interesting little nuggets out there. First I hadn't spotted that Stelios had accused Standard Life of being conflicted (because it manages money for the EADS pension fund), but think that is a cheap shot. Second, interesting that Sanderson Asset Management stuck their heads above the parapet. Yet despite being willing to take a public stand over pay, albeit in this case in defence of a company's policy, they aren't listed on the FRC's list of Stewardship Code statements. (Though their statement does appear on their own site here).

2. The intervention by Sir Mike Darrington, formerly head of Greggs Plc, is enormously helpful. Finally someone with a demonstrable Plc track record is willing to say pay is out of control. NB - he isn't just saying stop top pay growth, he's saying bring it back down again. Let's hope we hear more from him.

3. Even more hacking news. The Telegraph story last night/this morning has the dirt on News Intl's email deletion policy. The cover-up is going to look pretty bad when the full details come out I think. The Telegraph also provides copies of the actual docs obtained, this page is key. If you think about recent arrests you can make a guess at which "NI executive" might be in most trouble here.

And separately the IPCC has announced an investigation into "an allegation of inappropriate disclosure of information between a senior Metropolitan Police Service officer and an executive at News International. "

And there is likely still more to come.

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