Tuesday, 13 December 2011

James Murdoch: I did not inhale

The DCMS committee has published an email transcript sent to it by Linklaters. Colin Myler emailed James Murdoch ahead of the crunch meeting in early June 2008 to discuss the Taylor case. In the email Myler says "unfortunately it is as bad as we feared" and draws attention to Julian Pike's comments. If you scroll down (one page) you can see Pike's bullet points which include the comment that Taylor wanted to prove that hacking was widespread and that Parliament had been led by the claim that it was just one, rogue reporter.

So the killer info, that James Murdoch claims he wasn't made aware of, was there in an email he was sent three days ahead of the meeting. His answer? Despite responding to the email he did not read the full thing, either then or later. He didn't review an email which Crone described as an update on the Taylor case, before a meeting to discuss exactly that case and whether to settle it.

Pick the bones out of that one.

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