Thursday, 6 October 2011

News Corp news part 1

Some more hacking-related news, before I get stuck into investor developments.

1. An interesting bit in The Grauniad about the current state of play on hacking claims. Note that Mark Lewis (the guy who represented Gordon Taylor) says that News Corp may not have put aside enough to cover all the potential claims.

2. Incredible, but it does look like Sarah Payne's voicemail was indeed hacked. I don't think this will be the worst to come out either.

3. Kelvin Mackenzie's phone was hacked too. Yeah, I know, boo hoo hoo. But the interesting bit in the Speccie piece is this:
"I had always believed that the pin codes of mobiles were 0000 or 1111 and that’s Linkwhy it was so easy to crack. But no. In my case it was something like 367549V27418. That surely must kill the idea that the hackers guessed or blagged the number — they must have had inside help from the phone networks. "
4. Actually BSkyB news, but this bit in the Standard was interesting. Has the AGM date been shifted to fit around JM returning to the DCMS committee? And if so, can anyone think of a precedent for this?

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