Monday, 22 August 2011

Hacking, again

Just a few quick thoughts on the latest Coulson story. It looks like it was just his severance pay, paid out in chunks. I think the timing of the payments is odd (don't you usually get your payoff in one lump, straight away?) and it certainly doesn't look good.

Coulson appears to have given a rather misleading impression to the CMS committee of his financial relationship to NI. Evidence from NI execs is also under scrutiny. See Tom Watson's site - (Blogger being a git about links tonight) - for details on both.

The odd thing is, the rumour that NI had being paying Coulson whilst working for Cameron has been circulating for some time. Kevin Maguire ran a bit in the New Statesman in mid July (see column dated 18th July on NS website). So someone, somewhere, clearly did know this was happening and was trying to get the info out.

And how does the rumour finally get confirmed? - by Pesto. It has to make you suspicious that this means someone at NI was involved which suggests they are really hanging Coulson out to dry. But why?

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