Thursday, 21 July 2011

A couple of big votes

Work has been the blight of the blogging classes this week, back on the case soon. In the meantime today saw a couple of notable votes on remuneration related issues.

At Cable & Wireless Worldwide there was a 32.5% vote against an incentive scheme. Quite a lot of abstentions too, but can't be bothered to work out the figures yet.

At De Le Rue there was what looks like a mini revolt against the remuneration report- x% - but add in the huge number of abstentions and the vote in favour is just over 49%. A win is a win and all that, but if I were the company I would be a bit worried. Last Afren got less than 50% in favour, but won on a straight for/against split. This year it lost.


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Scary or not? &

Jill said...

A bit off subject but thought you might find this interesting in relation to this and this