Monday, 16 May 2011

Southwark Lib Dem at Rally Against Debt?

There's an interesting snippet in this article in the Mail:
My young daughters were running round the a tree with the daughter of a woman who told me she was a former Lib Dem councillor in Southwark involved in a group called Liberal Vision, which is for Lib Dems who believe in personal freedom.
Of course there's an ideological overlap between liberals and Tories, and some Lib Dems regard themselves as libertarians, but I still find this rather surprising. Anyone with their eyes open could see that the Rally Against Debt was going to mainly attract the anti-state Right types (TPA, UKIP, IEA) including the crankier types who talk about ZanuLabour, the EUSSR etc. But apparently some Lib Dems think these people are worth supporting.

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