Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Grauniad columnist tweets...

julian_glover: Oldham polls helpful to LibDems trying to squeeze anti-Lab vote in last week - 2 horse race... - doesn't mean Labour won't win though
Let's be clear about this - the guy is casting this by election as Labour vs The World, and saying that poor polling is helpful because it may encourage Tories to help the Lib Dems defeat Labour.

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john b said...

I'm not sure you can simplify it that much. If this was a "dead Labour MP" by-election, then you'd be right, but there's an understandable view that - whatever's going on elsewhere in the country - Labour in Oldham need punished for the Woolas campaign's disgraceful behaviour.

If the House of Commons were like Australia's lower house at the moment, where the balance of power hung on a single MP, then obviously there'd be more important considerations to bear in mind when voting. But that isn't the case - if Watkins is elected, that won't save the Coalition should it fall, and if he loses, that won't destroy the Coalition either.