Friday, 31 December 2010

Labour's prospects for 2011

There's a good piece on UK Polling Report about this. There's a clear message - there should be lots of positives next year, but there is also a giant flashing sign stating 'DANGER! COMPLACENCY!".

What is really interesting is to see the halo effect clearly in operation in the way voters view us. Just after the election they generally thought we were bad, and bad at everything. Now we have recovered, not only have have the headline poll ratings improved, but also how we are judged on individual issues. We haven't, in truth, really done much to deserve this. It demonstrates that we shouldn't read too much into there things. I say this because I have felt there is a tendency for some - and to me it appears to mainly Blairite/D Miliband supporters* - to put heavy emphasis on how badly we are seen across the board. Whilst complacency is the major danger, we also need to be aware that when people think you are rubbish, they see signs of your rubbishness in everything.

* And I voted for him remember, so no particular axe to grind.

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