Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Even stevens

Latest poll in the Grauniad has us level pegging with the Tories. That's encouraging, but meaningless really at this stage. The more important things to note are a) that the coalition's narrative on cuts is accepted - at the moment and b) Tory voters are wildly enthusiastic about what they are doing and who is doing it - Osborne.

Labour has clearly picked up ground because of former Lib Dem voters switching (or more likely former Labour voters who gave the Lib Dems a try switching back). As I've argued before, I think the forces at play (the ideological common ground on which the coalition was built, the exit of left-leaning supporters as a counterweight, etc) are dragging Lib Dems to the Right. Nonetheless there will be plenty of decent Lib Dems who stay put, for honorable reasons. I just hope they reflect on how little they are getting out of the deal, and who they are helping to strengthen - Osborne, for one.

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