Monday, 19 July 2010

More wonky logic

From t'Indy:
So, is there anything different this time? Well there seems to be an appetite for genuine pension reform and a realisation that allowing people to do what they want with their long-term savings cash is the way to go. If Mr Hoban is thinking along the lines of a lifetime savings account or an ISA "plus"– with further tax incentives but retaining the flexibility which makes the straight cash or equity ISA so popular – then this time it could work.
Eh? What could work? This isn't another attempt to argue that the reason that people aren't putting more into a savings vehicle that is supposed to provide an income in retirement is because they can't access the money before retirement, is it? It's a bit like saying that the reason that more people don't go on diets is because you can't eat what you want.

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