Friday, 7 May 2010

One thing it isn't is 1997

Clearly no landslide for the Tories. No majority. No Portillo moment. No seats gained in Scotland (where they have one) and still way behind Labour in Wales. They look like they will get between 36% and 37% of the vote - good but certainly not a 1997 style mandate for change.

Labour has done badly, very badly, but not as badly as some of us feared. It's not as bad as 1983, more like 1987. And we we weren't displaced by the Lib Dems. Labour remains the predominant centre-left party. Today is a big setback, but the fact that we weren't given a 1997-style drubbing personally gives me I lot of hope.

And the Lib Dems... they must be gutted - less seats and no big surge in their vote. Just seen Clegg's statement where he suggested that the Tories should be given a chance to govern. Left of Labour eh?

PS. Seen two Tories this morning inexplicably try to claim that this result is on a par with 1997. Just a reminder - Labour just 13.5m votes in 1997. Tories seem to be heading for under 10.5m. Perhaps they meant 2001?

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