Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Good spot

Hopi has a good piece on today's Tory union-bashing. He also provides a link to a piece by Iain Dale (who is toeing the line today) from the dim and distant past of... err... Autumn 2008 when he was saying that Tories needed to 'lure' union members. Union members are too fick to remember what they was told 18 months ago like.

Incidentally Iain's description of Nudge in that Torygraph piece is interesting. I'm not sure he's even read the publisher's blurb, let alone the book itself. Ignoring the fact that it's not an accurate description of the argument what does this even mean?: "[Thaler and Sunstein] suggest how public and private organisations help people make better choices in their daily lives by offering the choice of good behaviour."

Choices made better by the offer of choice? Eh? Well I suppose it does sound like the sort of meaningless blah Cameron might say.

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