Sunday, 14 February 2010

2 snippets

1. Interesting para at the end of this piece (presume it's from tomorrow's FTFM):
There is an underlying question in all this about whether the public ownership model for companies still makes sense. Lord Myners was asked at the NAPF event whether voting rights should be transferred to employees. He replied mutual ownership was an interesting idea, as there were some real disadvantages of the public company model.

2. Quite liked this bit from 'On the fetish character in music and the regression of listing' by Theodor Adorno:
"If one seeks to find out who 'likes' a commercial piece [of music], one cannot avoid the suspicion that liking and disliking are inappropriate to the situation, even if the person in question clothes his reactions in those words. The familiarity of a piece is a surrogate for the quality ascribed to it. To like it is almost the same thing as to recognise it. An approach in terms of value judgements has become a fiction for the person who finds himself hemmed in by standardised musical goods."
I don't think I buy the general approach, but he certainly hits a few targets. I also think familiarity has an important influence of the popularity & legitimacy of ideas.

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