Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Tory bloggers and climate change

An interesting post by Sunder at Next Left. There's a reasobale counterpoint that it doesn't really matter what Tory bloggers think, since it will be Tory MPs and ministers that will decide the line. If you asked Labour bloggers for their opinion on the 50% top rate tax rate I suspect you're get overwhelming support, whereas elected members may well think differently. But it does suggest, along with the Blues' contortions over Europe, that there is more than a little in the charge that the Tories haven't changed as much as Dave and Gideon would like to suggest.


Nick Drew said...

you have been thinking !

tell you what: the only hope, for this as for other Big Problems is that (a) Cameron gets three terms; (b) he starts using his power early rather than late (contrast Blair who, on his own reckoning, pissed his first 2 terms up the wall); (c) the right issues grab his attention

Tom Powdrill said...

I genuinely don't know what to expect from a Cameron victory.

Was at dinner last night with some people from my bit of the world and there was no consensus at all on whether the prospect of a Tory govt would be bad, or simply the same as NuLab.

It's very difficult to tell as there is such an obvious disconnect between the Cameroons and the footsoldiers. I think Labour had gobne through a much deeper modernisation process by 1997.