Monday, 15 June 2009

Ownership and the Far Right

Unfortunately it's not only people on the Left who are interested in the potential to develop share-ownership into something more meaningful than its curtent casino chip status. Check out this bit from the BNP's 2005 manifesto:
"If ordinary Britons increase their savings rate and invest the money in British industry, it will over time transpire that they are the owners of British industry. This has been called “pension-fund socialism,” and it combines the efficiency of capitalist private ownership with socialism’s ideal of worker ownership of the means of production. It also gives workers an incentive to care about the long-term health of the companies they work for, as they are part owners. It is also a pro-nationalist policy, as it tends to bring the ownership of British industry into British hands. The BNP supports the gradual assumption of worker ownership through their pension funds."
Hat-tip: Dizzy (though I don't agree that it proves they are 'far left' or any other kind of left)

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Charlie Marks said...

Certainly the BNP do not identify as left-wing, and I can understand why people who identify as right wing but are anti-racist are unhappy about the description of the BNP.

I've always felt that the left-right terminology was unhelpful - my question is always are you for extending democracy and expanding democratic participation in the economy? The BNP are only interested in helping people who are white, they want a whites-only parliament and do not favour employment rights for all workers. Racism harms all working people; an injury to one is an injury to all.