Wednesday, 23 July 2008

If voting changed anything...

Labour Outlook is calling for Labour-supporting bloggers to take part in Iain Dale's annual top 100 best political blogs list here. They say:

Although some have their misgivings, all Labour blogs should be take part this year as it's an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of the many excellent lesser-known Labour blogs.

At worst, it ends up with another Conservative-dominated list but with a few more Labour blogs included and being visited. At best, Labour blogs form a major section of the list, raising the profile of the quality sites out there and challenging the assumption that Labour bloggers can't compete with the more well known Tory ones.

Sounds sensible to me, as does a vote or two for the aggregator blogs we all take for granted like Labour Outlook, Bloggers4Labour and Tigmoo.


John Miles said...

Too kind.

*cough*vote early for Labour Outlook, vote often*cough*

Tom - have you checked your emails? I sent you a message a couple of days back.

Tom Powdrill said...

I've voted for you! Not checked my emails for a couple of days, will have a look and get back to you.

John Miles said...


Thanks for the vote, but that's not what I emailed you about.

Labour & Capital has got my vote too.