Friday, 20 June 2008

Quick round-up

No time to post anything of length today, so I thought I'd point out some other bits and pieces worth a look.

The TUC has put in what looks to be a very sensible submission to the latest Pensions Regulation consultation. Pension buyouts don't have to be bad news, but they need monitoring.

There's a simple articulation of why shareholders shouldn't accept retention bonuses in the latest issue of Governance here (the article is 'recruit, retain and motivate').

There's an epic takedown of the argument that unions damage productivity here (which is sort of linked to my recent exchange with Going Private).

And the following great quote from Carl Icahn comes from this piece on FINalternatives:

“You go to a board meeting and there are people reading the papers, eating doughnuts and getting their checks for being board members,” he said. “Then the CFO comes out and no matter how badly the company is doing, he can always find some graph with a line pointing straight up and other graphs with red, green and yellow lines that nobody knows anything about. Then everybody packs up and goes to the airport.”

(Hat-tip: Corporate Governance)

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