Monday, 25 February 2008

Fidelity on LabourHome again

My messy divorce from major Conservative Party donors and supporters Fidelity is the subject of another post on LabourHome (thanks John!). It must be getting to be common knowledge amongst Labour supporters that Fidelity bankrolls the Dark Side.

Hopefully that will mean that Fidelity suffers financially for its partisan political orientation. All it would take is one decent size pension fund to drop them from a mandate over this issue for it to cost Fidelity more than they are giving the Tories (mind you we don't know how much Fidelity is paying Tory MP Sir John Stanley as a consultant).

I've been in touch with quite a few trustees, and people who work with trustees, to get the message across. Would be nice to see someone dump them. Think of it as a counterpoint to this.

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