Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Petition for a ballot on NUJ Israel boycott

As an ex-NUJ member (GMB these days) I can't sign this petition, but I still think it deserves a plug, and I'm forwarding it to journo mates who are members.

You can find the petition at the address below. Some big names on it already.

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enoughalready said...

I think this post is severely misguided. I'm also an NUJ member of long standing and I was proud that enough members of the union cared enough about the endless injustices perpetrated against the Palestinians to support the boycott campaign. Trade unionists uphold the traditions of the movement when they show solidarity with victims of oppression. The NUJ conference vote, taken according to the union's democratic procedures, was in keeping with that tradition. It does not conflict with each individual journalist's obligation to operate with professional integrity. The public are better served by journalists who support a boycott with the aim of achieving a just peace in the middle east, than by those who oppose a boycott and prefer to see Israel continue its disastrous policy of illegal occupation.